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Why Play

For many hard-core casino gamblers, sitting in front of a slot machine for hours on end would seem incredibly boring. For others it is a full day of fun and relaxation. These are the hard-core cash slots players. There are more slot machines in casinos than any other game so there must be a reason. They are the most popular form of gambling, but they are also the biggest money maker for the casinos. Online Slots for real money are a very popular game both in the land based casinos as well as online. Players even have their own magazines to read that will tell them everything about the best and worst slot machines out there.

With so many other gambling games available, what is the appeal of slot machines? In the other games, players can compute probability, count the number of cards, or track trends in the dice or roulette wheels, yet a majority of gamblers opt to shove coins in a machine and watch the spinning reels with no opportunity whatsoever to affect the outcome. Below we'll take a closer look at some of the reasons that slot machines are the most loved casino game.

Playing Online

There are many online casinos where you can play slot machines with real cash. Many of them offer free slots games to play, while there are a number of quality online slot machine sites offering real money wagering. Before you make a deposit with an online casino, be sure to check out the casino's license, payout reports and customer service.

All safe online casinos will post this information on their websites. There are also many sites out there that list the best and worst of the online casinos for real money. OnlineCasinoSuite is one such site worthy of a visit. In fact, has recently updated their slots section where you can play online slots games for free or play at real money slot tournaments with bonus slot machine games.

Brain Chemistry

This question is intriguing enough for psychologists to have studied it. Among the factors they found that lends appeal to slots is that it is exciting, or “fun,” so to speak. There is a highly scientific answer. A more technical explanation of that answer is that the flashing lights, the bells and whistles, the clank of coins hitting the payout tray all stimulate the brain. And when the brain is happy, the slots player who owns it is happy.

Unlike card games, craps, or roulette, the action in online slots is continuous. There is no waiting for shuffling and dealing or for placing bets and collecting chips from a table. The player controls the pace. That, and the possibility that each spin could turn up a huge jackpot, sends lots of chemical racing around the brain, usually ones linked to particular neurotransmitters associated with pleasure, such the dopaminergic systems. The areas of the brain being stimulated are the same ones associated with dangerous activities, such as hang gliding or sky diving. Just imagine - slots as an extreme sport.

Strike It Rich

Another reason for the online slot machines’ appeal is precisely that they are so simple. Put in a coin and pull a lever - you might get rich. Unless a player wants to feed one of the more complex machines with progressive payouts, multiple pay lines, and bonus features, there is not the need for a lot of figuring and strategy. Some slot players report they find a “zone” where they can play online slots for hours and drift (of course, some of that has to do with those dopaminergic doohickeys, whatever they are).

Players should be cautioned not to play too fast, however. A difference of a few seconds per turn can mean a big chunk of bankroll. The Dutch parliament once debated for 12 hours over whether slot machine reels should spin for 3.5 or 3.6 seconds.

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